About Wellspring Church

Getting to Know Us

We think of ourselves as family. No matter where you are on your journey, you are welcome here. We encourage each other, we support each other, we grieve together, and we do life together as we all seek to be transformed by a deepening relationship with Jesus.

The Journey We Are On

In 2003 two groups came together and formed one new faith community; Hanover Wesleyan Church. From the very beginning we felt called to reach out to our community and create a welcoming space for the people of Hanover to come to know Jesus. This was going to require change. We just didn't know how much yet!

Eventually, it became clear that our building on South Street wasn't our future. Following the leading of the Spirit we sold our church home. We moved into our Oakside campground on Black Rock Road for what we hoped would be a short stay. We purchased 15 acres of land on Hickory Lane with the dream of developing a spiritual space that would serve the greater Hanover community.

The "short stay" turned into almost 7 years. We faced challenges and obstacles that produced delays. This season stretched our patience and our faith. Were the early signs and answered prayers just coincidences? We couldn't yet see how God was really shaping us!

Over time it became clear that something was happening. It was happening in individual lives and it was happening to us as a whole. If you ask the newcomers to our church at the time, you will hear a common first impression; there was an incredible sense of welcoming, love, family, hope and expectation. Our gatherings started becoming less about organizational stuff and more about being the body of Christ, together. People were seeking and finding real relationship with the God who formed them. Sometimes this was difficult. But it was real, authentic, and powerful. We were being unified and transformed!

The desire to care for the things Jesus cared about began to show itself in other ways as little acts of obedience turned into bigger things. We started new ministries. We became more focused and involved in the mission of Christ outside of our church community. What started as a few ladies obediently offering $25 a month toward global missions has turned in to our church's connection to and support of several missionary families abroad. We volunteer with and are connected to God's Meal Barrel and New Hope Ministries locally and have engaged in other short term working trips in the US and overseas. The little church that could barely pay its own bills less than a decade ago, is now praying about new missionary families to support and striving to find additional ways to bless and aid the people of our community.

The story doesn't end there. We sold the campground and constructed a new gathering place at 127 Hickory Lane! It was completed in July of 2019. Wellspring became our new name - reflecting the life giving flow of the Holy Spirit among us and through us. We are still trusting in our Father's goodness and know through experience that this isn't really about a building. It's about learning to live in the light of a relationship that will last for eternity ... As a result: the spiritually lost are given purpose, the broken-spirited are renewed, lives are irrevocably changed, marriages are saved, families are united, lifelong wounds are healed, the rejected are welcomed, bodies are healed, depression lifted, the grieving are comforted, addictions broken, the Spirit is present, our Father, the Lord of All Creation draws near, and Jesus Christ our Lord and Redeemer is glorified! And yes, at Wellspring, it's really like that!

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to reach the Hanover community and surrounding areas with the Gospel of Jesus Christ; to connect each believer to the body of Christ; to help them grow to spiritual maturity; and to equip them for a life of ministry, in order to glorify God.

Our Vision is to be a community of faith growing in our relationship with Jesus so that we might serve our world, our neighbors and one another as He did. Our worship is celebratory, our teaching is rooted in the timeless truths of Christ, and our passion is to care for others.

Our Values

We proclaim a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as our message.

We accept the Word of God (The Bible) as our authoritative source of truth.

We believe Christ-likeness is produced by the Holy Spirit as we personally apply God's Word.

We seek to develop a culturally relevant and focused ministry.

We focus our ministry upon accepting and loving people.

We devote ourselves to prayer.

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