Through Global Partners our giving through the Welseyan Church goes in part to assist in disaster relief, aid and evangelism to those in need around the globe. We take missions to heart at Wellspring though and partner directly with several specific organizations and missionaries both locally and internationally.

Local and National Missions

Wellspring partners with these ministries by giving financial and prayer support, providing volunteers and sending work teams to assist in specific projects periodically.

New Hope Ministries

This local ministry is a Christian social service agency that seeks to share the love of Jesus by meeting human needs and helping individuals toward stability.

God's Meal Barrel

This compassion ministry focuses on providing food and other basic items to families in need in our local area.

Disabled by Love

Located locally in Hanover, PA and established by members of Wellspring, Disabled By Love's goal is to disable Tourette Syndrome and associated disorders on the Autism spectrum by love of family, community and God.

Hephzibah Children's Ministry

The goal of Hephzibah is equipping and mobilizing local Wesleyan churches to transform the lives of vulnerable children.

Global Missions

Wellspring partners directly with individuals and families who are serving in China, Mozambique, and Hondurus. While they serve in their respective areas of the world, we seek to encourage them through gifts, cards, emails, and prayer support. During their visits to the United States, our church invites them to visit for an extended time so that our church family can build a relationship with them. Currently, we partner with the following:

Jim and Karen Pickett- Global Partners

Both Karen and Jim are professors at Xai-Xai Bible College in Mozambique. They also disciple believers in the surrounding churches.

Denny and Michelle Craker- World Gospel Mission

Serving in China, Denny visits and mentors like-minded individuals. Michelle works in an international school and extends hospitality to local friends and co-workers.

Jael Beers

Jael is one of our own from Wellspring, serving full time at a school in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Her role as guidance counselor has placed her where God is using her mightily in the lives of the teenagers she supports in Honduras.

Jerome Beers

Jerome is currently a part of the World Race proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to people groups in 11 different countries in 2020.

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